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     Isis Geomatics uses the most reliable unmanned aerial vehicles and (UAV) systems (UAS) to provide low cost, high resolution aerial imagery, and aerial surveys. The geospatial data sets produced using GIS and photogrammetric processes are similar to LiDAR but at a much lower cost, with higher resolution.       3-D surface mapping, elevation models, dense X,Y,Z point clouds, and image mosaics are produced using state of the art 3-D photogrammetry software. Data is delivered to the customer using a cloud based collaborative GIS front end.

      Aerial Imagery, Aerial Mapping, and Photogrammetry
Aerial photograghy is the taking of photographs of the ground from an elevated position. The term usually refers to images in which the camera is not supported by a ground-based structure. Platforms for aerial photography include fixed-wing aircraft, helicopters, multirotor Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), balloons, and blimps.
   Uses of Aeria lmagery
Aerial photography is used in cartography (particularly in photogrammetric surveys, which are often the basis for topographic maps), land-use planning, archaeology, movie production, environmental studies, surveillance, commercial advertising, conveyancing, and artistic projects. In the United States and Canada, aerial photographs are used in many Phase I Environmental Site Assessments for property analysis.

Fast, Low Cost, High Resolution, Geospatial Data

End Users

  • Energy and Survey
  • Municipal Government
  • Engineering, Construction and Forestry
  • Precision Agriculture
  • Environmental Stakeholders
  • Emergency Services
  • Irrigation Districts

Product Features

  • Fast, Survey Grade, High Quality Data
  • Importable into any GIS or CAD
  • Terrain Models, Elevation Models
  • 3-D Point Clouds with XYZ Files
  • Geo-Tiffs with World File Output
  • Scalable, Zoom Tiled, Layered Data
  • Cloud data delivery and collaboration

One of our Military Grade UAS complete with full sensor packages and triple redundant safety features!

We are committed to our customers with ongoing support for our imagery. Isis has a knowledgeable and extensive background in remote sensing, GIS, and photogrammetry. We hold ourselves to the highest standards with safe data collection and speedy cloud based delivery. 

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Aerial Imagery and Digital Mapping 

Isis delivers high resolution, low cost, timely geospatial UAV/UAS aerial imagery. 

Volumetrics and Area Calculations

Volumetrics analysis of aggregate stockpiles, mines, and pits are quickly and accurately calculated with a 3% improvement over traditional methods.

GIS & Photogrammetry

Aerial images and geospatial data can be combined to provide a powerful tool for industry. Low altitude high resolutions flights use photogrammetric processes to produce highly detailed mosaics and very accurate elevation data.

Contours + High Density Point Clouds

3-D Point clouds, cut and fills, digital elevation models (DEM's) and surface maps are derived using photogrammetry, a faster and cheaper alternative to LiDAR.

Digital Elevation Model (DEM)

Video: Watch the Isis Geomatics UAS in action on a Aerial Mapping mission.

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Oil & Gas
Pipelines, Safety Services, and Lease Planning
Aerial Imagery
Aerial Imagery and 3-D Mapping
Survey, Planning, and Point Clouds
Visual, Infrared and Thermal. Live Video Feeds, Pipelines, and Tailing Ponds
Stockpiles, Mines, and Pit Calculations & Lease Cut and Fills
High Resolution Crop Imagery, GIS Area Calculations, NDVI Maps
Environmental Monitoring
Liability Solutions, Spill Monitoring, Wildlife Counting
Image Processing & GIS
Processed Aerial imagery, GIS Development, Asset Development
Area Calculations, GIS Asset Management, Stump Counts

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